Friday, April 22, 2011

Featured on TWiT Live! Photos & Video

What's TWiT? Think of it as the CNN of Tech, all those people who were on Tech TV went to the interwebs. This is what I watch/listen to all day while making robots. :)

About two weeks ago, during their version of afternoon news, the hosts were mocking a company or group. Something to the effect, "...go open a Zazzle store, go sell some macrame on Etsy..."

I rolled my eyes and via twitter simply stated to the hosts:
"No macrame here"

The remark lead to (the hosts) Sarah Lane and Tom Merritt both taking the time to reply and saying my robots were awesome. I was freakin' delighted, my favorite tech folk being so kind... happiness achieved! I was shocked and delighted. That should have been the end of it and I was overjoyed.

However, one of the buyers that day was Mr. Merritt himself. Yes, when I saw the etsy email proclaiming the sale, I girl screamed. Was it really him? Yup. I sent off his new robot doggie and didn't mention it anywhere online, don't want to be one of those cheesy people.

Really, I didn't want to mention the host bought a robot from me, I was just delighted one of my favorite tech journalist liked my robot artwork enough to own one for himself. :)

Cut to yesterday...

...pre-show, which is live online I was mentioned on the pre-show and post show, my name, my Etsy Shop! (heard it, didn't see, was off making a custom robot!) Mr. Merritt even stated he kept the robot at work for a week because he wanted to mention it on-air. His co-host (iYaz, if your a tech geek, you know who all these people are) even went out his way via the show's chat room to make sure I saw my robot on camera.

Screengrab of Blue Buck Robot Sculpture on mic (literally):

The episode of "Tech News Today" April 21st, 2011 featuring my robot, he appears at mark: 27.49 and during the last minute of the show, they hold up my little thank you card, too... very awesome and amusing.

Video of little Blue Buck the robot hanging out with his new owner at work:

So had to share, keep being awesome everyone.

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- HerArtSheLoves


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