Sunday, July 31, 2011

Robots Are Awesome Turns 2! Thank you!

Celebrating two years of handmade awesome robots!

The awesome highlights in no order:
- as of this post 120 adopted (sold)
-17 of those robots are Wedding Cake Topper.
- 5 of my Grungy Bots used in an Indie Horror movie
- 1 of those bots adopted by the production, the rest returned safely
- 400 ft of bubble wrap used this year
- fellow Artist writing (convo) just to say, hey your robot are awesome (blushing)
- created mini garden bots line for a mini garden store
- 188 Etsy Treasuries
- my fav Etsy app Clockbot
- making a giant robot iPad holder
- 775 people have favorited my shop
- Having two robot dogs featured in the readers section of Polymer Cafe Magazine
- mention on my favorite tech network
- featured on the front page of for the pictures I took of my robots
- custom orders: buyers asking for wild and wacky robots and getting to say yes
- running out of mini moo cards and getting to order more
- buying 1/4 mile of wire and knowing I'll use it all up
- the coiling gimzo, so much wire coiled
- one of my robot featured on the front page of Etsy
- the various series of robots: Grungy Bots, Jiggly Wiggly Robots, Garden Robots, Robot Photo Holders, Storage Bots, Cat Bots, Dog Bots, Angel Robots
- the fact I get to get up and make more robots tomorrow!

Keep being awesome everyone!

Handmade robot sculptures combining polymer clay, wire woven into coil springs, varnish and a little heart made by HerArtSheLoves.

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