Friday, November 25, 2011

Robot Head Magnets Mini

Robot Head Magnets Mini by HerArtSheLoves
Robot Head Magnets Mini, a photo by HerArtSheLoves on Flickr.

Robot Head Magnets, pink, silver, red, rustic and full of tiny cute.
Will your refrigerator will thank you? Yes, oh, yes. (Adopt via Etsy)
ADORABLE set of 4 mini robot magnet heads. They're created in a rustic metallic style, to resemble a rustic metal look, each one-of-a-kind, but similarly cute. WARNING NOTE: The robots are backed by those scary awesome super strong neodymium magnets, so they're gonna kick butt at holding things up, handle with care.

Robot sculpture combining polymer clay, wire woven into coil springs, varnish and a little heart handmade by HerArtSheLoves.

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