Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Orlando Mini Maker Faire 2012

I make robots
How was the first off-line outing for Robots Are Awesome? So, so awesome!

Maker Fair Sat... Cat Show Sunday... it's like the internet!

This was my first art/craft/geek show and the first Maker Faire held in Orlando, but you wouldn't know it, because it was nerd-tastic perfection. We were surrounded by robots playing basketball to the left and wee little robots learning to balance to the right. Behind use the stunning bots from CyberCraft Robots. You couldn't ask for better neighbors. They kept the geek energy high all day.
Robot Making in Progress

Table Display in the robot section of the faire

 Not only were robots up for adoption, but robot creating was in progress all day and everyone that stopped to watch asked questions and were super friendly. Even world famous robots were spotted hanging around the faire.

...awesome robots hanging out together...
Our table of about 40 robots, large, medium, small, grungy, animals and kooky all up for adoption.

Large robots on riser waiting for a lovingly geek home
Small robots awaiting adoption standing on riser
. . . . . .

The most frequently asked questions and answers from the show:

Q: "What are they made out of?"
A: "Oven baked clay, wire and paint."

Q: "What!?! You make the springs yourself?"
A: "Yes, I use a coiling gizmo, it's a type of jewelry making tool and I hand crank to make all the springs."

Q: "How long does it take to make them?"
A: "It depends on the sizes, a few to several days from sculpting, baking, painting and varnishing."

Q: "Do they move? Can I bend them?"
A: "No, the wire will snap. Their designation is to stand around looking awesome."

. . . . . . .

Post Faire videos and articles featuring robots and myself
Highlight Reel: Orlando Maker Faire Video
  Orlando Sentinel: Mini Maker Faire Video
 UCF News: Do-it-yourself exhibits electrify crowds
. . . . . . .

See Flickr Gallery of all Maker Faire photos
Thank you to everyone that stopped by to say hello, look, take pictures, ask great questions and adopt robots.  Don't worry if you couldn't make it out to the Faire, more robots up for adoption at theawesomerobots.com 
Keep being awesome!

~ HerArtSheLoves

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  1. Great displays! looks like you had fun!


    1. Thanks I did and icing on the cake, was featured in UCF article about Orlando Maker Faire: Do-it-yourself exhibits electrify crowds bit.ly/JQwvrb

  2. Your display looks really great! I'm glad you had a successful event! I love your robots! I'm a fellow member of the PCETeam on etsy, and just found your blog. Love the design with the robots in the backgroud. Count me as your newest follower. I am new to blogging.....just started mine this week, so I have lots to learn!

    1. Thank you so much! Had awesome time, but a crazy month getting ready for the event.


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