Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Orlando Mini Maker Faire May 26th 2012 was full of awesome

How was the first off-line outing for Robot Are Awesome? So, so awesome.

my awesome maker faire badge
'I make robots'
 This was also the first Maker Faire for Orlando and you won't know it, because they did such an awesome job. It was a geeky delight. I was literally surrounded by robots all day. No, not just my own, but actual moving and grooving robots. At least 5 R2D2s hung out and strolled around the fair.
R2D2 visits Robots Are Awesome

Small robots standing on riser awaiting adoption

Large robots stand on a riser waiting for a loving geek home
R2D2 pasting my table heading off to play basketball
 See entire flickr set for all photos from Maker Faire

Many robots were adopted into loving geeky homes. 
Who could ask for more?

Thank you to everyone who came out, stopped to look, chat and adopt a robot.
If you couldn't make it out to Faire, no worries, you can still adopt an awesome robot at theawesomerobots.com

Keep being awesome!

- HerArtSheLoves

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