Thursday, July 5, 2012

Teal Tam Robot Birthday Cake Topper

Teal Tam is an adorable robot standing affixed to a rustic gear, holding a 'Happy Birthday' banner is 5" inches tall and 2" inches wide. Tam's colors are teal, yellow, pink and light purple. Unisex baby colors. Adopt Tam

1.0: Each Robot is, Unique, one of a kind.
2.0: NOT intended for children, NOT Bendable, it is an art sculpture.
3.0: Not intended for those that do not think robots are awesome.

Each robot is handmade by me. Polymer clay is shaped into robotic goodness, beads added for eyes and wire woven into springs that make the neck, arms & legs (coiling gizmo rocks). After baking, multiple coats of varnish are brushed on for protection and shiny delight.

Handmade robot sculptures combining polymer clay, wire woven into coil springs, varnish and a little heart made by HerArtSheLoves.

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