Thursday, May 23, 2013

Commission: Robot Wedding Cake Topper: Rustic Gold and Green

Requested details: Gold and green bodies with medium rustic finish, robots holding each others bottoms! :)

  • Turnaround: allow for 8 - 10 for creation before shipment as each robot is handmade by me
  • Shipping: USPS Priority Mail (2 - 3 travel days). 
  • How? You contact me Etsy, we agree upon details, 
  • I write up an Etsy listing for your purchase
  • You Purchase
  • a few days later via Etsy I send work-in-progress for your approval or revisions
  • repeat last step if any revisions are required
  • you give your approval to bake the bots
  • I bake, glue bits together, paint and varnish
  • Finally I send photos of the completed robot wedding cake topper and shipping info
I offer a wide variety of custom robot wedding cake toppers, contact me today, let's get this geeky wedding on its' way!

Robot sculpture combining polymer clay, wire woven into coil springs, varnish and a little heart handmade by HerArtSheLoves.

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