Thursday, October 17, 2013

4 Robot Wedding Cake Toppers, No Funerals

Added four rarely available pre-made ready-to- ship Robot Wedding Cake Toppers to the shop this afternoon. With the busy holiday season and other custom requests, I won't be making anymore of these until 2014! No 10 day turnaround, they ship right away. Ready-To-Ship Robot Wedding Cake Toppers

Reminder: Xmas Cut-Off Date Dec 13th

It's time to start planning for that awesome handmade one-of-a-kind robot you want for the holidays. Robot snowbots, robot angels, robots wearing jetpack, and whatever robotic goodness you desire. Put in your request NOW to have it in time for the holidays. Email me theawesomerobots (at) or Etsy Convo

Thanks, keep being awesome!

Robots Are Awesome

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