Monday, October 14, 2013

How I get distracted aka robots born from tattoos

I open my email to count the number Square payments I had at Orlando Mini Maker Faire, but open the wrong email and see the number of payments of made to my plumber in the last year. His Square page was better filled out than mine, but how is this business's social medias? Facebook, really? Linkedin!?! Yes, Linkedin, you're still evil. For reference the arm tattooed fella Plumbing and Backflow Specialists Inc. digging into the earth. How many robots have I made based off of tattoos? There goes another hour. Answer: 4. Realizing it might be odd people send me pictures of their arms, weirder the amount of time I spend staring at arms? What if I start doing this in real life? What was the plumber's name? Rob? Which reminds me of a Rob I went to high school with. I've forgotten the name of most people I went to high school with, time for a 2 hour search on Google! Nope, can't find him and how creepy is that mugshots site? Oh, right, I was doing the accounting from the Faire. I should open my email.

Keep being awesome!

Robots Are Awesome

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