Thursday, October 30, 2014

Status Update: 3 Weeks Until Artegon Orlando Marketplace opens and the robot army is growing

Status Update:

Remember, when I said a new robot will be added to the online shop each Tuesday and Thursday through out the holidays. Yeah, about that... as the robots are one-of-a-kind handmade sculptures, I even coil the wire into spring form, it's become a little bit tricky. I'd need to have as many robots as possible to fill my space (combo retail/workspace where I'll be making art everyday live in person) at Artegon Orlando (Booth 4B, across from Gods & Monsters), so after the dust settles a bit in December I'll add more robots to the shop if they're not all adopted locally. I will also continue to take customs orders.

Rough SketchUp of my space at Artegon Orlando
I'll be combing new and old furniture for display with a cottage chic cozy look in orange and blues.

Hope to see you in person at Artegon (Grand Opening Nov 20th)!

Thanks, keep being awesome.

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