About the Robots

One starry night I left my window open and this wee little creature sprung through, a little Robot who was lost and lonely. He told me of more of his kind, springy Robots of different sizes and shapes who were in need of a home. I told him “You’re quite jiggly wiggly and I will help you find a home!”

I held him up to the sky and he used his little antennas to call out to more jiggly wiggly robots, to tell come my way and I would help find them a loving home...
(Small Sample of over 550 robot sculptures handmade by HerArtSheLoves)

What? How?
They are one of a kind (ooak) polymer clay art sculptures that are handmade by me! Though they have those most adorable children like faces, you cannot play with them as this could damage the sculpture. 

Why the little heart?
Because we all need a little heart in life. 

Are the Robots toys? Do the Robots move?
NO, even though they look cute and have springy necks, arms and legs they are NOT bendable! The Robots are art sculptures, for display only. I used lighter coiled wire on some of the earlier Robots and when picked up and lightly shaken went all “jiggly wiggly” thus the old nick name. NOW, all Robots are constructed with a tougher wire. 

How are they made?
I take polymer clay shape it robotic shapes, add beads for eyes, wire woven into springs (coiling gizmo rocks) make neck, arms & legs, baked in oven to a rock hard finish and finally brush multiple coats of varnish for years of delight. 

How long does it take you to make one?
Since each are handmade and vary in size and details it can range from several days to weeks. I work on multiple sculptures at a time, sculpting while pieces bake, painting baked pieces, coiling wire into future limbs, it's a never ending cycle. :)

Have a question? Want a custom Robot?
Commissions such as Robot Wedding Cake Toppers, Your Pet as a Robot and Robots Your Way welcome. Contact me today, let's chat. I will answer all questions within 24 hours: HerArtSheLoves (at) gmail.com

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